Article written on 14th March, 2017
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This week sees the much-anticipated launch of Design Week 2017. Hundreds of new fabrics, wallpapers, lighting and furniture products go on show across the showrooms of London. I popped in to the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour and in my ‘quick’ visit of three hours, I barely scratched the surface. Oh shucks, that meant I had to go back.

It is almost impossible to highlight my own favourites (there are just too many), let alone document all or even some of the new products. So how to narrow it down? Well, since eyes are windows to the soul, so I focus on the window displays. They serve as a lens through which to capture the soul of a brand. Window displays are the best gauge of what lies inside the showrooms. But they also show us, on the other side of the glass, the real essence of the clever people who create that brand.

Have a peek below, but then head on in, preferably in person, to experience these wonderful and creative spaces for yourselves.

Tissus d’Helene

Greens, pinks and purples jostle together beautifully in a myriad of wonderful textures in this tented display.


Homes & Gardens

As I am huge fan of blue and white, this window display drew me in. It lends ideas on how to use many similar colours in one scheme. Refreshing.

Cole & Son

Bold and intense, Cole and Son have created wallpapers for Ardmore Design, whose aesthetic is based upon the wildlife of South Africa. Why shy away from loud wallpaper? Imagine this in a study or a similar cosy space, you would never want to leave. Or the wandering leopards below in a more formal space, with the chic colour way of charcoals and rusts

Jacaranda, Anna French, Thibaut

I am always a fan of strong greens, and this window shows how to cleverly mix up six different designs and patterns, all bar one, in the invigorating green. The ‘odd one out’ is black and spotty-who would have thought?! It adds a bit of daring. Love it.

De Le Cuona

Smokey, earthy tones abound here in this tiny vitrine, but the new showroom, recently relocated from Walton Street, displays the whole range, including the new Refined Rogue collection: tactile tweeds, cotton velvets, and heavy chunky linens. Very very inspiring.

Paolo Moschino for Nicky Haslam

Blue and white again! Subtly teamed with bamboo, pale tones, textures, bold patterns and beautiful forms, this simple combination serves as a great illustration of how to decorate using a pared down palette. Textures and forms sing out!


Great swathes of brightly-coloured fabric pour into this window. The black serves as a great backdrop and shows up the textures beautifully.

Missoni Home

Blues, oranges purples and lots of texture burst out of this tiny vitrine.

Tim Page Carpets

I am a bit of a one for heavy textures, so this window naturally came into my radar. Look at the chunk on the herringbone matting-delicious!


Small but powerful, the tiny space shouts pattern, soft colours, interesting shapes and a reference to ethnic culture. My favourites all in one.


It was the juxtaposition of the contemporary ceramic piece (radar/satellite dish??) with the historic tapestry behind that appealed. Mixing the old with the new is a very fine art.

Porta Romana

The colour wheel as a floor to ceiling tower of lampshades instantly drew me in.

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