Article written on 23rd February, 2017
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Zig Zag Zen

The other day I visited the well-known fabric and wallapaper brand, Blithfield, whose varied and calming designs are now housed in the Lewis & Wood showroom, London.

There is such a delectable choice of more-ish designs, that I found it hard to focus on a particular range – they really are all gorgeous. And really really versatile. But I soon found my ‘zone’. From previous posts, you may see a pattern to my schemes and palettes: I seem to always hone in on soft, earthy tones but, ever keen on a bit of playful juxtaposition, the geometric patterns of Blithfield & Co’s Colebrook, Bellport and Pomeroy designs, took my fancy.

Geometrics in art is nothing new: the Aztecs were at it centuries ago and as for Europe, well the continent is stuffed full of prehistoric cave paintings in geometric designs from the Iberian peninsula to the Urals. But I like to see how basic shapes and forms are woven and printed into beautiful designs for us to have in our caves. I mean homes.

Soft colours mixed with ‘modern’ designs, you can’t really go wrong.


I was very anti blue a few years ago. WHY?! Something to do with being a student, explored here in a post ( I am SO over that now and love the freshness and depth that darker shades of blue bring.


What is it about blues and oranges? I would love a colour expert to explain how two such strong colours always work well together.


Pumpkin orange with a deep yellow…I can’t get enough of this combination. Who would have thought orange and yellow could work in scheme? The colours are too strong, you might think? I don’t! They are inviting, uplifting and relaxing in equal measure. And wouldn’t look out of place in a kitchen, bedroom, in summer or winter.


Don’t dismiss ‘tobacco tones’. It may sound obvious but choose subtle lighting and colours that uplift moody browns. I explored this recently in a post.

Decorating In The Dark


A new favourite scheme of mine. I have idea why but I like to think it is something to do with our affinity with nature. Brown and blue, the earth and the sky. You can’t really argue with that! Which brings me on to…..


Supposedly THE colour this year, but for me, green is always a winner….something to do with spring, hope and new growth perhaps?!


All from

Zigzag design: Colebrook

Small squares design: Bellport

Floral design: Pomeroy

Brown/Blue Wallpaper:

Tree wallpaper:

PLEASE NOTE: There are many more colourways, designs and base cloths than represented on this post. Go and see for yourself!

All images and styling by Interior Spy

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